Autism Dog Services Inc.

Our mission at Autism Dog Services Inc. (ADS) is to support families living with autism and related disorders by providing highly trained service dogs to children 3 - 18 years of age that offer safety, companionship and independence. The service dogs are specifically matched with the individual children and families who have been approved for our service.

We believe that our service dogs can help children and families become more active members in their communities. Children with autism and related disorders have so much to offer and are able to grow more independent with the constant help from their service dogs. These amazing dogs help children to achieve greater independence, safety, more effective and frequent communication and opportunities for socialization.

ADS provides in home placement, instruction and follow-up for all families receiving our service dogs.
BC & Alberta Guide Dog Services

BC Guide Dog Services and its division, Alberta Guide Dog Services, provideguide dogs free of charge to blind or visually-impaired youths (13+) andadults living in British Columbia and Alberta.

We train all of our guide dog users on a one-on-one basis from the user's home. Training for youths takes place during the summer so as not to disrupt schooling.

BC & Alberta Guide Dog Services is a registered charity that relies almost entirely on donations. We are also members of the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.
Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind (CGDB) is a national, non-profit, charitable organization founded in 1984 to assist visually-impaired Canadians with their mobility by providing and training them in the use of professionally trained Guide Dogs. Our registered charity number is 10684 6819 RR0001.

In 2010, Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind launched its Assistance Dogs Division, training Assistance Dogs for people affected with a mobility related disability. Our Assistance Dogs Division provides domiciliary training within a 200-km radius of Ottawa, Ontario. (Within Canada)

The minimum age to apply for a guide dog or assistance dog from Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is sixteen. Application information is available by contacting our organization directly.
COPE Service Dogs

COPE Service Dogs is a community-based, charitable organization. Through the generous support of sponsors, students, teachers and volunteers, our circle of service works together to improve the lives of people who have disabilities, high school and elementary students, and seniors. The circle begins with our instructors as a new litter of puppies begins their early puppy training regime at about 4 weeks of age. Soon puppies are matched to trained volunteer puppy raiser families who will care for them as they become socialized and trained in the high-school based Canines in the Classroom program. At school, COPE instructors, supported by teachers and principals, teach high school students to become proficient trainers. As students train their canine partners, they also learn to develop leadership and employability skills, and extend the circle to seniors, and elementary students in our Reading Buddy program . After completing refinement training, each highly skilled dog is permanently placed as an assistive companion to their Life Partner.
Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society

Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society has been providing highly-skilled assistance dogs to Albertans since 1996. Our programs include guide, service, autism service, facility, companion dogs and aftercare. We are accredited members of the International Guide Dog Federation, Assistance Dogs International and a proud member of the Canadian Association of Guide and Assistance Dog Schools.
Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

Lions Foundation of Canada is a national charitable foundation created by Lions Clubs across Canada. Its mission is to empower Canadians with disabilities to navigate their world with confidence and independence by providing Dog Guides at no cost to them and supporting each pair in their journey together. Since 1983, Lions Foundation of Canada has provided specially trained Dog Guides to people of all ages from coast to coast. Each Dog Guide costs approximately $35,000 to raise and train yet they are provided at no cost to qualified applicants. Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides does not receive any government funding and relies on the support of fundraising events and donations from service clubs, corporations, foundations and individuals across the country.
MIRA Foundation Inc.

MIRA Foundation offers three different kind of assistance dogs :

  1. Guide dogs help individuals who are visually impaired; this service program is geared towards blind individuals 18 and over. The qualifying individual has a complete or total visual disability, is in good physical condition, is well suited to interacting with the dog, moves around often and finds his or her bearings easily. With the help of a guide dog, visually impaired people are able to get around safely and more efficiently in public places.

  2. Service dogs help people with motor disabilities to compensate for their inability to grasp objects, walk on their own or change positions. They do this pulling their wheelchair, picking up objects and positioning themselves to facilitate the move from their wheelchair to a chair, sofa or bed.

  3. Service dogs for child presenting PDD help the children cope with their daily difficulties such as sleep disorders and anxiety, it also aids parents to cope with their stress related to their parental tasks and offers a better family cohesion.
National Service Dogs Training Centre Inc.

Since 1996, National Service Dogs has been dedicated to enriching the quality of life and enhancing the independence of children and families living with autism and special needs. Our ground breaking Autism Service Dog model is now being used around the world to enhance safety, boost confidence and provide greater independence to children with autism. In 2011 National Service Dogs launched a Skilled Companion Dog Program for Veterans and Individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with the goal of helping our service men and women integrate more fully into their communities and move forward with confidence. A Companion Dog and Canine Assisted Intervention Programs are also available.
Pacific Assistance Dogs Society

Founded in 1987, PADS is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly skilled assistance dogs and lifetime support to the working team. PADS is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International.

PADS trains three types of dogs: Service dogs for people with physical disabilities, Hearing dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and Canine Assisted Intervention dogs (CAI) which are placed with professional handlers in a variety of settings including children's hospitals, senior care residences, educational facilities and trauma and victim services. PADS services British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

PADS receives little government funding. All training programs are available through the generous support from our private and corporate donors and our fundraising initiatives.